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Variety Deck


Save money and support your cuase at the same time. Up to 60% of the purchase price of every deck benefits fundraising. You choose where you want your money to go; either the Calgary Humane Society or participating Calgary or Edmonton schools.

Variety is the key to a balanced life and this deck gives you a little bit of everything. Unlock the savings in this deck and enjoy inner peace with a great cup of coffee or whatever suits your fancy.
As low as $20.00
  • Cards have unlimited use, therefore more savings in each deck!
  • Value of each deck is determined by the number of times each card is used.
  • Users have choice, you can choose the deck that suits your lifestyle
  • The sale of every deck is attached to a fundraiser
  • Save money while supporting your cause
  • Savings, PLUS a real deck of play cards to keep to be played with friends & family
  • Therefore, not adding to landfill and recycling problems. Leaving less of a carbon footprint!
  • Alberta/Canadian owned corporation
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