1. Create your own profile and account for your organization and fundraising campaign.
  2. Enter info for your campaign, purpose of your fundraising, goal, campaign start and end date.
  3. Review contract, entering your information denotes your agreement with the terms and conditions.
  4. Invite your canvassers to setup their Deal Deck account by sending them the suggested email/text with the link from your home page which will attach them to your campaign.
  5. By doing this, each canvasser will have their own "sales link" that is unique to them that they can copy, paste and send family and friends via email, text or social media.
  6. As the Fundraising Coordinator, you will also have your own "sales link" to do the same with as well.
  7. This sales link allows friends and family to be able to click on it to view each deck, choose which deck(s) they want to purchase and pay for it by credit card.
  8. When the deck(s) are purchased through using the sales link, all info for that purchase will automatically be entered under that canvasser's account.
  9. Each canvasser can view all sales order history under their account.
  10. The Coordinator can view all sales order history under their account.