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Our Themed Decks

Each deck contains 54 playing cards with savings from businesses, retailers, restaurants and more.
Offers can be used over & over for 1 year. Unlimited Use = Ultimate Value!

Supporters choose which theme best suits their spending and lifestyle, making the decks easier to sell.

Decks sell to your supporters for $20, your cost is only $8.

Earn a higher profit margin! Unlike other marketing products, you keep 60% of the proceeds.

Decks are priced for greater sales potential.

Our Wild Card

Choose 15, 20 or 25 merchant offers to be loaded on the Wild Card.

Choose your own sales price for your supporters - $15, $20 and $25.

Yields up to 65% profits for your fundraiser.

Offers on the card have unlimited use for 1 year. Unlimited value!

Customize the card with your logo and message for no additional cost.

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Our mission:

Deal Deck wants to simplify the duties for coordinators, while helping your canvassers sell. Our goal is to make your campaign run more efficiently and surpass your goal. We will help every step of the way and be your fundraiser’s helping hand!