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Our Themed Decks

Fun & easy to sell because people love having the ability to choose where they want savings and benefits from.

Priced for greater sales potential.

Keep up to 60% of the proceeds. More money for your cause. (25% better margins than with similar coupon type products).

Unlimited use for 1 year! More value for the Deal Deck purchaser!

Our Online Platform


Easy to register and set up. Simple for coordinator, parents, volunteers, canvassers & purchasers.

No more struggling with hard to read papers & forms. No more counting and trying to reconcile cheques and cash.

Convenient online payment.

Save time with easy reports for tracking, sales & delivery.

Automatic emails/text ready to send.

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Our passion and mission

Deal Deck wants to simplify the duties for coordinators, while helping your canvassers sell. Our goal is to make your campaign run more efficiently and surpass your goal. We will help every step of the way and be your fundraiser’s helping hand!