Product Questions

What are Deal Decks?

They are decks of real playing cards. 54 playing cards with discounts from businesses, restaurants, retailers and more.

What are the themes?

We offer 4 different themed decks including: Family Fun Deck, Decadence Deck, Taskmaster Deck and Variety Deck. This allows supporters to select the deck most valuable to them based on their lifestyle and spending. Check out our shop page for a list of merchants in each category.

Do Deal Decks offer as much value as other coupon type fundraising products?

Deal Deck offers more value! Each card can be used over and over again, as many times as you like in the 1 year period. Unlimited use, unlimited value!

How much can fundraisers make selling Deal Decks?

We sell each deck for only $8 and your fundraiser resells them for $20. This is a 60% profit margin which is higher than other similar fundraising products.

How do we order and pay for the Decks?

Call us to discuss your goals and we will help with your order. Or register online and we will get you started with the number of decks you need for your campaign. We deliver the decks to you and at the end of the campaign, we collect any unsold decks. You only pay for what you have sold. No money is required up front.

Why are they playing cards?

We decided to use playing cards for our format as they are easy to carry around, convenient to pull a card out and put in a wallet. They are real playing cards that will be kept and used to play cards with long after the offers have expired. No more recycling and ending up in landfills. They will be kept in homes, with merchant brands staying in the household to be seen over and over again.

Why are there only 54 cards as opposed to hundreds of pages of coupons?

Deal Deck picked one quality merchant/retailer for each category for each deck offering the best unlimited value. Offers are easier to read and use at the merchant locations. After they expire, supporters have a deck of cards to play games with instead of tossing out or into recycling.

Does Deal Deck really have enough value for the user and the merchant?

Merchants are carefully chosen and invited to participate at no charge, giving them incentive to offer better value for Deal Deck users.

How much can fundraisers actually make selling Deal Deck

Fundraisers pay only $8 per deck and they resell them for $20 per deck.

Can the public buy Deal Decks?

Deal Decks are now available to the public directly through our website, with the same proceeds being donated to participating schools, Calgary Humane Society, or an organization of your choice.

Wild Card Questions

What is the Wild Card?

Each Wild Card looks & feels like a credit card. It can be loaded with 15, 20 or 25 merchants of your choosing. Similar to the decks, each offer has unlimited use for 1 year.

Why choose the Wild Card?

It allows you to customize your fundraising to suit your supporters and your brand.

How much money can fundraisers make selling the Wild Card?

That depends on the card you choose, they sell for $15, $20 or $25; earning you $8, $12 or $15 accordingly.

Platform Questions

Can we sell Deal Deck products the "traditional" way?

Yes, if you prefer the “traditional” way, we will supply you with all the necessary forms.

Is the payment site secure?

Our site uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to protect your personal information. Our secure payment gateway is fully PCI compliant, and we are continuously committed to ensure it exceeds industry standards.

Is there a support line?

Yes! Our team is happy to assist you with your campaign set up or answer any of your questions. Just call 1-888-366-3160 or email: and someone will assist you the same day.