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Save money and support your cause at the same time. Up to 60% of the purchase price of every deck benefits fundraising. You choose where you want your money to go; either the Calgary Humane Society or participating Calgary or Edmonton schools.

Have your cake and eat it too with this deck. Add in some edibles and activities, then let the good times roll. The only rule—be deck-a-dent!
As low as $20.00
  • Cards have unlimited use, therefore more savings in each deck!
  • Value of each deck is determined by the number of times each card is used.
  • Users have choice, you can choose the deck that suits your lifestyle
  • The sale of every deck is attached to a fundraiser
  • Save money while supporting your cause
  • Savings, PLUS a real deck of play cards to keep to be played with friends & family
  • Therefore, not adding to landfill and recycling problems. Leaving less of a carbon footprint!
  • Alberta/Canadian owned corporation
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