Welcome Canvassers!

You have been invited by your school, team or group that has decided to sell Deal Deck and use our FREE online support platform.

What are Deal Decks?

4 themed decks providing supporters with choice, making it easier to sell and support your cause.

54 cards with discounts from your favourite retailers with unlimited use for 1 year! Unlimited value!

Decks sell for $20, your group keeps up to 60%, helping you reach your goal faster.

Real playing cards to keep for games with family and friends.

See The Decks

The New Deal Deck Wild Card!

Our new Wild Card showcases your organization’s logo, message and fundraising goal for your supporters to see.

Your family and friends benefit from discounts and savings from merchants that have been chosen by your organization.

Your Wild Card is unique for your group.

The Wild Card has unlimited use for up to 1 year! Unlimited savings!

How does the

online Deal Deck

platform help me?

It’s FREE and easy.

Helps sell and keep track of sales.

No more door knocking, phone calls, paper forms, collecting and counting cash, or missing opportunities to sell to family and friends.

How to use the Deal Deck platform

Check your email for an invite. Click on the link to set up your login to be attached to your campaign.

Watch the video.

Send your individual sales link to family and friends via text, email or social media from your dashboard. They will be able to view, choose, and purchase online with only a few clicks.

View sales as they happen online, anytime and anywhere.

How it Works
  • We also provide forms and support for any Decks that you want to sell directly in person.

  • Easy to send reminders to make sure no one has forgotten to purchase and support your campaign.

  • Peace of mind with a secure online payment system with PCI compliant gateway.

Contact your Fundraising Coordinator to start a campaign today

If you are expecting an invitation from your fundraising coordinator and have not yet received it, be sure to check your junk mail/spam just in case it went there by mistake. Contact us at 1-888-366-3160 or by email at info@dealdeck.ca if you have any questions.