Our story starts with a team of dedicated professionals coming together from business, marketing and fundraising backgrounds; collectively bringing over 40 years of experience. We united because we saw a need, and had a vision for a better strategy to help and do more for families, teachers, students, fundraisers, businesses, and the community. We are passionate and determined that everyone involved with Deal Deck will be dealt a winning hand!

Start fundraising the easy way!

Deal Deck has created better, more profitable products to sell, with a free, simple, user friendly system for online sales, ordering and paying. Accessible by fundraising coordinators, schools, parents, canvassers, and purchasers.

Deal Decks are offered in 4 unique themes. Supporters can choose which theme suits their lifestyle.

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But there's so much more! We promise to eliminate all that makes fundraising hard with our FREE ONLINE PLATFORM.

How does our online platform work?

Deal Deck provides your campaign with a FREE, optional, user-friendly platform that delivers information to assist canvassers with the sale of products while working for fundraising coordinators by keeping track of order history, online payments and more. Access your information anywhere, anytime. You will wonder why you did it any other way!

We are proud partners with Healthy Hunger and Simplefund