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  • Why Deal Deck?

    Higher profit margins - up to 23% more than competitor's.

    Your fundraising campaign keeps more of the proceeds - up to 65%.

    Supporters spend less and receive more value.

    Everyone benefits from Deal Deck's FREE online platform!​

  • A winning hand
    for everyone.​

    Fresh and uniquely designed fundraising products.

    Unlimited value! All cards are reusable for one year.

    Easy to sell.

    Option to customize for your organization.

What is Deal Deck?

A company that has created fresh fundraising products and a FREE online platform to support your fundraiser:

The Wild Card looks like a credit card and is customized for your organization. You select the merchant offers you want loaded and how you want to showcase your cause.

4 Themed Decks, each deck contains 54 playing cards with savings on each card offering unlimited use and value for 1 year. Supporters choose which deck best suits their spending habits.

Pick a card, any card, and save!

Each Deal Deck playing card has a discount that

can be used over and over again - unlimited value in every deck!

Everyone benefits from Deal Deck

Are you a fundraising coordinator?

It's easy to get started and set up your
fundraising campaign with our FREE online platform. Learn how today!

Are you a canvasser?

No more running around trying to find people to buy your child's fundraising product!

No more scrunched up, hard to read order forms!

No more collecting cash & trying to reconcile totals!

Want to buy a deck?

Purchase a deck and support your cause while saving money!

Are you a retailer?

Deal Deck welcomes businesses, restaurants and retailers to participate. Our easy to use cards make it rewarding for everyone involved.

A few kind words about our product and service:

"The appearance and quantity of the decks is definitely top notch."

"We really enjoyed & had fun buying & selling Deal Deck. Everyone was very interested in the different themes & liked being able to choose one that suited their own needs. We actually sold more than we expected!! We are looking forward to doing it again in the future."

"Way more value than in the coupon books. I can keep using my cards over and over again at my favourite merchants."

"I like the fact that the decks are themed. I get to choose what suits my lifestyle, and have a better chance of using more of the coupons this way. Merchants and their offers are more visible."

"I am happy to hear that more of the money I spend to buy the deck goes to the school/fundraiser than with the coupon books and other products. Up to 60% is exceptional!"

"We used Deal Deck to raise funds for our soccer team. We were impressed with the amount of the proceeds we get to keep. And, we were happy with the results!"

"We were very impressed with using Deal Deck for our playground fundraiser. Deal Deck staff was wonderful to work with, quick to answer any questions and they went above & beyond to make our campaign successful."